Friday Letters


Dear Josh, our impromptu date night to El Barrio was probably one of my favorite dates ever. Good conversation and spontaneity always win. Dear Sam, yesterday I caught you laying on the couch like you own the place. It probably wasn’t good that I laughed and took a picture before scolding you. #reasonsi’mnotreadyforchildren Dear Autumn, you get the most love of all the seasons, and I think it’s obvious why- PUMPKIN. SPICE. EVERYTHING. Dear Carlisle Drugs, for the love of all that is good- please don’t close! I’ve already lost Cecil’s. My heart can’t take losing your chicken salad and lemonade. Dear JRB, this odd thing has happened here lately where YOU fall asleep BEFORE me. I would be completely weirded out, but the conversations you have while asleep are priceless.


Weeklong Update: Tour de South

Since last Thursday, I’ve been road tripping with two of my friends from college. We hit Chattanooga, Boone, and Asheville in 6 days. At times we wanted to kill each other (and bad drivers) and a few times thought we were going to be killed (we hiked at dawn), but we have so many awesome, hilarious stories that I’m sure we’ll cherish for years and years. It’s such a treat to have friends that span years and seasons of life to remind me the important things and what I stand for. I’m not going to write a ton because obviously 6 days is a lot to summarize, but here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.


 After dinner stroll | Downtown {Chattanooga, TN}


Antique Shopping | The Knitting Mill {Chattanooga, TN}


Dark Chocolate Covered Almond Macaroon | Rembrandt’s Roasting Company {Chattanooga, TN}


Autumn Goodness | Farmer’s Market {Boone, NC}


Pretend You’re on an Album Cover | Greenway Trail {Boone, NC}


My Nurse Friends | Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Ken’s house {Boone, NC}


In a Cloud | Mount Pisgah Trail {Asheville, NC}


After Dinner Talking | Lexington Avenue Brewery {Asheville, NC}


Afternoon Tasty Treats | French Broad Chocolate Lounge {Asheville, NC}


Sunrise Hike | Max Patch {Asheville, NC}


Mountaintop Selfie | Max Patch {Asheville, NC}


Panoramic View | Max Patch {Asheville, NC}



Dear JRB, maybe one day I’ll be old/responsible enough to wake up early with you. Until then, we can continue to have weird-Paige-is-still-asleep conversations every morning. Dear rugs, we have gotten THREE of you since we moved to Birmingham. I’m sensing an obsession. Dear puppies, please see aforementioned letter. These are NEW; please don’t roll you dirty bodies all over them even though I know you’re as excited about them as I am. Dear Tour de South, you are quickly approaching, and I could not be more excited to hit up Chattanooga, Asheville, and Boone with two of my best friends. Dear baby girl, I’m sorry they originally thought you were a boy. Girls can have muscles too! Flex, girl, flex! Dear Josh, I love celebrating with you, and I love even more that we choose to celebrate often. Who says Christmas and birthdays are the only reasons to have a party?

Two of my best friends and I are going next week to Chattanooga, Boone, and Asheville. We are so excited for the much needed girl time/vacation. Any suggestions on where to go/what to do?

Weekend Update: Newborn Style

Y’all. I know the pictures don’t look like it, but I did do things other than hold my 6-week-old “niece” this weekend. {Note: I’m an only child, and Josh only has one sibling so we’ve decided to claim every friend’s baby as our neice/nephew.} In all honesty, I would’ve done nothing other than hold her, but apparently I have to eat and sleep and occasionally stir around. Who knew?!


This was after she made me change her diaper. Babies mind control. I’m convinced.


How cute is that jumper Sarah Lynn is wearing?! She’s being bashful at the compliment here.


We did things other than snuggle! We burned some calories too. Well, I did.

I posted this on my Instagram, but don’t you think strollers are modern day chariots? This is the life, y’all!


Ok, I lied. We mostly snuggled.

How was your weekend?! I hope you were loved on and loving on like I did! Aren’t baby snuggles the best?


Lately, I’ve been grateful for…


 time outside in the cool weather


 mountaintop views of our “new” city


 Selfies with my coworkers


 Double doses of coffee


 Real life conversations and audibles to eat cheap Mexican instead of cook


Black jeans and new booties


Being the typical girl and burning my pumpkin spice candle

Happy fall, y’all! Sometimes taking the time to remember what you’re thankful for makes all the difference. 

Weekend Update: Yoga Poses

Have you guys seen or heard of this new sensation where people (mostly celebrities) post pictures of themselves doing yoga in random locations? Made famous by Alec Baldwin’s wife Hilaria, it’s the new craze in social media. That being said, here is Sam’s weekend of yoga poses.

{Note: I know this sensations seems crazy, but I swear I’m not making it up. Read about it here and here.}


Friday night while JRB and I were doing some stretches before bed, Sam decided to show us how he could hold corpse pose all the way until the morning.


Here, Sam is doing cobra pose while the rest of us play disc golf.


For lunch, we treated ourselves to burgers and ‘dogs at Tip Top Grill in Bluff Park.


What a view, amirite?!


What a view, amirite? I think Sam and Miller are doing easy pose here. Josh is just wishing I wasn’t taking pictures.


I got in on the action here. Apparently, I hold Sam’s paw while I nap?!