Thanksgiving Recap

For Thanksgiving this year, we traveled to Houston, TX (where Josh’s parents live). We had such a great time catching up, playing games, and eating. Oh, the eating! Below are pictures from our stay.


Josh’s grandfather was in the military, so his dad grew up in a lot of various places, one being Japan where he got this beautiful china. You get the irony.


We woke up uber early Thanksgiving morning to drive into Houston for the Turkey Trot. So glad we did since we then gorged ourselves on turkey, ham, and crazy awesome sides (my favorite part).


A trip to Houston isn’t complete without a cookie from Tiny Boxwoods.


We also took solos at Biscuit Home, home of the #biscuitpaintwall. (Isn’t he handsome?!)


A good bit of snuggling was done with Odie, Josh’s 15-year old childhood dog. He didn’t seem to mind.

Not pictured:

Browsing in Kuhl-Linscomb

Christmas shopping at the outlets

Playing cards, Settlers of Catan, and Balderdash

Watching Fox Catcher in the coolest theater I’ve ever been to

Cheering (then mourning) about the Iron Bowl

Pedicures (arguably the best part of the trip)

Me spiraling out of control on hour 9 of the road trip (to and from)

Celebrating Christmas

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! 22 days until Christmas. (Crazy, right?)


Weekend Update: Athens

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be an Auburn Tiger, but you know what? It’s also really, really hard to be an Auburn Tiger. Just like I told Josh- if Auburn was a guy I was in a relationship with, all of you would be telling me to break up with him. His highs are high, but his lows are low. I can’t count on him to be consistent. He drags my heart through the mud and tramples on it almost every Saturday. Yes, he was fun last year, but I need commitment and consistency, ya know?

I’m not “breaking up” with Auburn. We’re family, right? But after this weekend, I do think I’m going to be a bit more careful with my emotions from here on out. I like being happy- not grumpy, frustrated, confused, and sad. Ok-enough.

To sum up the weekend-

IMG_0063MY BEST FRIEND GOT ENGAGED!!! For the 4 of you who read this blog (hey, mom and dad), you know that this makes TWO Fridays in a row that I’ve had a friend get engaged. Words can’t describe how excited I am for Camilla and Luke! 2101 is officially off the market! (P.S. Aren’t my friends the prettiest?!)

IMG_0067I couldn’t bring myself to full-on smile with a bulldog dressed in a UGA hoodie, but darn it- wasn’t he cute!? #doglover


This was taken right before the final UGA touchdown was scored. We had frozen to death and gotten beat. The world was looking pretty dark at this point.

Like I said on my Instagram account- The good news is Jesus still died for our sins, and JRB is still my husband. 

Weekend Update: Sick Beach Trip

For the Fourth, JRB and I traveled to Hilton Head Island, SC for a vacation with my parents and some family friends. It was a sick trip (as in really fun and great) until it became as sick trip (as in JRB and I coming down with a stomach virus).

The trip began with a lunch stop at Starland Cafe in Savannah,GA followed by dessert at Back in the Day Bakery. We lusted over the Rosemary Ham and Italian panini, red velvet cupcake, and lavender cookie.


After arriving, JRB and I rode our bikes to the beach, walked, and then got caught in the rain. (As you can see, we probably wouldn’t have gotten caught in the rain if we had paid attention to the sky.)


The next day, our FAVORITE holiday, was a blast! We woke up early to go on a bike ride around the island, ate a yummy breakfast, and spent the day on the beach people watching, playing bocce ball, and enjoying each other’s company (when I say each other, I mean mainly the two babies on the trip.)


I’m an only child, so I claim “aunt-ship” over all of my friends’ babies. Ergo, this is my niece Livvy Kate. She’s a doll, right?


I feel bad for the boys in about 15 years (assuming she gets that hair under control).

It was on July 5th that things took a turn for the worst. I got sick on the beach, and JRB followed suit roughly 12 hours later. For the remainder of our trip, we took turns taking swigs of Pepto and Gatorade, taking naps, and sharing our symptoms. These are the only pictures that occurred after we got hit by that despicable stomach bug.


This was at Harbour Town. JRB and I finally resurfaced for (a bland) dinner on Sunday.


We spent most of our time in the rocking chairs near the bathroom, though.

Happy birthday, ‘Merica!


Weekend Update: Austin, TX

Here lately, I’ve been on the road- partly for work, and a lot for fun! The highlight was definitely my trip to Austin. I went for work, but was able to visit my friend Ginny for a couple of days. Highlights included


 Enfrijoladas at El Alma


 Paddle boarding and a morning jog around the lake in Zilker Park


The ultimate tourist move- visiting the state Capitol


 Nutella & Banana Stuffed French Crepes at Elizabeth Street Cafe


Selfies at the graffiti park

ImageThe best margherita pizza EVER at Home Slice

Not pictured:

breakfast tacos at Austin Java

iced chai lattes from Joe’s

yellowfin tuna at Perla’s

shopping till we dropped at Madewell in the Domain shopping center

matching gel manicures

Can you tell that Ginny and I love food and being girly? This is why we love each other so much! I had the best time and would’ve had just had fun if we had never even left her apartment. Time with old friends is simply the best (but good food makes it even better).

Weekend Update: Memorial Day

JRB and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend on the best lake in the south (I could be partial)- Lake Martin.


 We love patriotic holidays and any reason to wear red, white, and blue.


We’ve passed that down to the puppies.


 Above is JRB doing some wake boarding. After participating in the activity, I realized that it’s a lot harder than it looks and I’m not 18 anymore. Y’all. My back is STILL hurting, but it was fun so I guess it was worth it. My goal was to be able to do what I used to could do in  high school (which wasn’t much), and I accomplished that. So I’m good for another 6 years.


 Really, I’m all about the boat riding. Just let me sit up at the front and get some sun, and I’m good for hours.


 Between wake boarding and eating (it seems like that’s all we did), we played Settler of Catan. The puppies were so exhausted from swimming and boat riding that they pretty much napped all evening.


 It was a wonderful weekend with friends and family. We so enjoyed being on the lake- it was like we were in high school again! Only this time married and cooking for ourselves.

How was your Memorial Weekend?

Weekend Update: The Tale of the Monster Burger

You know those weekends that are wonderful because they involve nothing? That’s we had- a weekend with no plans, no obligations, and no stress. We ate, played outside, ate some more, read our Bibles, took naps, and watched House. Can time stand still and make life that easy all the time?


Friday night, we went to Mare Sol with friends. This is where JRB took one for the team (and to exert his masculinity) by eating this ENTIRE Monster Inferno burger. I could tell that he way toying with the idea of finishing it on principle, but when the waiter told us we’d get free dessert- GAME. ON. My man finished this burger (after eating lobster dip as an appetizer), and then I had to fight for bites of the White Chocolate Pecan Pie he ordered. Geez!

Don’t be worried though. He’s not going to explode. The only reason he was able to eat so much is because he went on a 29-mile bike ride earlier that afternoon. This isn’t a typical meal for him. Image

Between naps and episodes of House, we spent time outside with the pups. As you can tell, Sam is less into playing and running and more into getting loved on. He’s a dog after my own heart.

Miller, on the other hand, is all about running and playing. The only time I can get him to snuggle with me is when he is “dog” tired (pun intended). He makes us laugh constantly with his quirks and ridiculous feats of athleticism.


This Sunday was also our turn to lead our Sunday School lesson. Why not prepare with coffee and doughnuts?

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I can’t wait for this one- MEMORIAL DAY!!! JRB and I love America and being patriotic. We’ve passed this trait down to the puppies, so you can expect a lot of red, white, and blue next week.

Weekend Update: Big City Pups

This weekend was probably the best weekend of our dogs’ lives. It began Friday evening with me sitting outside playing fetch with Miller and rubbing Sam’s belly. Josh was out of town for a bachelor party, so the dogs got all of my attention. (This can be very dangerous for my social media feeds.)


 After meeting my parents for dinner at Jim-N-Nick’s (How awesome is it that Auburn has one now?? Cheesy biscuits fo dayz!!!), I returned to rest up for the big day Saturday promised to be.

Saturday, we visited my bff Camilla in Atlanta. We took the pups to Piedmont Park (the dog park), to Henri’s for sub sandwiches and tasty treats, to Camilla’s parents’ house (where we discovered Sam is scared of stairs. Weirdo.), and then back to her house for popsicles. It was hilarious to see them interact with other dogs. I fully expected them to be absolutely crazy and jumping all over other dogs, but it was almost like they were overwhelmed at the sheer volumes of dogs. Sam ended up roaming and scouting out people to pet him, while Miller went from ball to frisbee back to ball back to frisbee.


 The popsicles were a real hit. They nearly tackled poor Camilla (but she loved it). After all was said and done, we returned back to Lagrange and did a lot of this-


 How was your weekend? I hope it was great! JRB and I can’t wait for this weekend!