Thanksgiving Recap

For Thanksgiving this year, we traveled to Houston, TX (where Josh’s parents live). We had such a great time catching up, playing games, and eating. Oh, the eating! Below are pictures from our stay.


Josh’s grandfather was in the military, so his dad grew up in a lot of various places, one being Japan where he got this beautiful china. You get the irony.


We woke up uber early Thanksgiving morning to drive into Houston for the Turkey Trot. So glad we did since we then gorged ourselves on turkey, ham, and crazy awesome sides (my favorite part).


A trip to Houston isn’t complete without a cookie from Tiny Boxwoods.


We also took solos at Biscuit Home, home of the #biscuitpaintwall. (Isn’t he handsome?!)


A good bit of snuggling was done with Odie, Josh’s 15-year old childhood dog. He didn’t seem to mind.

Not pictured:

Browsing in Kuhl-Linscomb

Christmas shopping at the outlets

Playing cards, Settlers of Catan, and Balderdash

Watching Fox Catcher in the coolest theater I’ve ever been to

Cheering (then mourning) about the Iron Bowl

Pedicures (arguably the best part of the trip)

Me spiraling out of control on hour 9 of the road trip (to and from)

Celebrating Christmas

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! 22 days until Christmas. (Crazy, right?)


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