Friday Letters

IMG_0097Dear Josh, despite our (ok- I didn’t really do that much, so your) best efforts the guest bathroom is still in shambles. Best of luck next time! Dear Sam, your infatuation with me (i.e. touching me, following me, licking me) is sometimes cute and sometimes unproductive- like when you sit in my desk chair. Dear Parenthood, I’m embarrassed (or proud) to admit that I’m almost caught up to your real time episodes. I love the Bravermans so much, and can’t even think about what life will be like when the show ends. Dear Unbroken, You’re reminding me that reading for fun is fun and teaching me a lot of things I never knew about WW2. Dear JRB, we’re playing Settlers of Catan tonight which means our marriage will probably take some hits. We should probably pray before.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Any big plans? Josh is working, and I’m attending OKB’s first birthday party. It’s pumpkin theme, so be jealous. 


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