I haven’t written much lately because I just haven’t felt like it. (Honesty, much?) That’s the good thing about a blog though, right? You make the rules, so you can pretty much do what you want. Not much in life is that way, right? To bring back the mojo, I thought I’d do a dose of gratitude (because it’s November, and I need a dose of gratitude every. day.)

I’m grateful for:


Weather that allows us to play outside


Friends with a variety of personalities


Friends’ weddings, an occasion to dress up, and a handsome husband


Getting off work early and the chance to run wide open


New bedding and puppies that welcome the week with snuggles


the way flowers brighten up a coffee table (or everything for that matter)


this friend, her birthday, and her engagement (to an A+ guy- if I do say so myself)


this sweet baby, how warm she was, and that she turns ONE this month

Gratitude really does turn your frown upside down. What are you grateful for?


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