Happy Birthday, Sam!

That’s right folks- your favorite black and white dog is turning two today. To celebrate his birthday and it’s close proximity to Thanksgiving, I’ve made a list of things Sam is thankful for. Without further adieu, here’s the list-

Sam is thankful for:


Any form of physical touch- petting, scratching, rubbing, snuggling, etc.


A pal to keep watch while he naps


Any day that includes being on forbidden furniture


Road trips


Infinity scarves


Any opportunity to pester Miller (aka steal his bones and toys)


Paige working at home (aka trying to make her as unproductive as possible)

Happy birthday, Sammie boy! 


Friday Letters

IMG_0097Dear Josh, despite our (ok- I didn’t really do that much, so your) best efforts the guest bathroom is still in shambles. Best of luck next time! Dear Sam, your infatuation with me (i.e. touching me, following me, licking me) is sometimes cute and sometimes unproductive- like when you sit in my desk chair. Dear Parenthood, I’m embarrassed (or proud) to admit that I’m almost caught up to your real time episodes. I love the Bravermans so much, and can’t even think about what life will be like when the show ends. Dear Unbroken, You’re reminding me that reading for fun is fun and teaching me a lot of things I never knew about WW2. Dear JRB, we’re playing Settlers of Catan tonight which means our marriage will probably take some hits. We should probably pray before.

Hope you all have a great weekend! Any big plans? Josh is working, and I’m attending OKB’s first birthday party. It’s pumpkin theme, so be jealous. 

My Rant on Thanksgiving

give thanks

What happened to Thanksgiving? Can someone answer that for me? Being a lover of ALL holidays- Easter, Fourth of July, Veteran’s Day, Labor Day, Memorial Day, National Dog Day, etc.- I am very concerned by the lack of love for Thanksgiving.

Here in Birmingham, the DAY AFTER Halloween, radio stations began playing Christmas music. Target has had Christmas decor set out since BEFORE Halloween. And you. Yes, you. How dare you already have your Christmas tree up! It’s November 18. You have a month and a half to savor the Christmas season. Can we not savor the season of Thanksgiving first? Heaven knows we savored Halloween (aka candy). I savored that for weeks on weeks on weeks. (Those Reese’s pumpkins are darn delicious!)

Remember how we are supposed to reflect on what we’re thankful for? Remember the pilgrims and the Indians? The peace dinner?

This is our problem. We want to move so quickly through our lives and jump from one big event to the next so quickly, that we get sloppy. We leave things behind- like poor ol’ Thanksgiving.

I can’t blame you. I’ve been guilty of it too. When something exciting is coming up, it’s easy to have a one-track mind until it gets here. The problem though is that when we get tunnel vision, we can’t see all the other little things. We miss out on thanksgiving! We miss the tiny moments of our days when things are ACTUALLY good and fun and sweet and worth savoring. All because we’re looking forward to the next big thing.

For the love of all that is good (and the Pilgrims and Indians), can we please slow down and take in Thanksgiving?

Weekend Update: Athens

Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to be an Auburn Tiger, but you know what? It’s also really, really hard to be an Auburn Tiger. Just like I told Josh- if Auburn was a guy I was in a relationship with, all of you would be telling me to break up with him. His highs are high, but his lows are low. I can’t count on him to be consistent. He drags my heart through the mud and tramples on it almost every Saturday. Yes, he was fun last year, but I need commitment and consistency, ya know?

I’m not “breaking up” with Auburn. We’re family, right? But after this weekend, I do think I’m going to be a bit more careful with my emotions from here on out. I like being happy- not grumpy, frustrated, confused, and sad. Ok-enough.

To sum up the weekend-

IMG_0063MY BEST FRIEND GOT ENGAGED!!! For the 4 of you who read this blog (hey, mom and dad), you know that this makes TWO Fridays in a row that I’ve had a friend get engaged. Words can’t describe how excited I am for Camilla and Luke! 2101 is officially off the market! (P.S. Aren’t my friends the prettiest?!)

IMG_0067I couldn’t bring myself to full-on smile with a bulldog dressed in a UGA hoodie, but darn it- wasn’t he cute!? #doglover


This was taken right before the final UGA touchdown was scored. We had frozen to death and gotten beat. The world was looking pretty dark at this point.

Like I said on my Instagram account- The good news is Jesus still died for our sins, and JRB is still my husband. 


I haven’t written much lately because I just haven’t felt like it. (Honesty, much?) That’s the good thing about a blog though, right? You make the rules, so you can pretty much do what you want. Not much in life is that way, right? To bring back the mojo, I thought I’d do a dose of gratitude (because it’s November, and I need a dose of gratitude every. day.)

I’m grateful for:


Weather that allows us to play outside


Friends with a variety of personalities


Friends’ weddings, an occasion to dress up, and a handsome husband


Getting off work early and the chance to run wide open


New bedding and puppies that welcome the week with snuggles


the way flowers brighten up a coffee table (or everything for that matter)


this friend, her birthday, and her engagement (to an A+ guy- if I do say so myself)


this sweet baby, how warm she was, and that she turns ONE this month

Gratitude really does turn your frown upside down. What are you grateful for?