Friday Letters


Dear Josh, our impromptu date night to El Barrio was probably one of my favorite dates ever. Good conversation and spontaneity always win. Dear Sam, yesterday I caught you laying on the couch like you own the place. It probably wasn’t good that I laughed and took a picture before scolding you. #reasonsi’mnotreadyforchildren Dear Autumn, you get the most love of all the seasons, and I think it’s obvious why- PUMPKIN. SPICE. EVERYTHING. Dear Carlisle Drugs, for the love of all that is good- please don’t close! I’ve already lost Cecil’s. My heart can’t take losing your chicken salad and lemonade. Dear JRB, this odd thing has happened here lately where YOU fall asleep BEFORE me. I would be completely weirded out, but the conversations you have while asleep are priceless.


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