Weeklong Update: Tour de South

Since last Thursday, I’ve been road tripping with two of my friends from college. We hit Chattanooga, Boone, and Asheville in 6 days. At times we wanted to kill each other (and bad drivers) and a few times thought we were going to be killed (we hiked at dawn), but we have so many awesome, hilarious stories that I’m sure we’ll cherish for years and years. It’s such a treat to have friends that span years and seasons of life to remind me the important things and what I stand for. I’m not going to write a ton because obviously 6 days is a lot to summarize, but here are some of my favorite pictures from the trip.


 After dinner stroll | Downtown {Chattanooga, TN}


Antique Shopping | The Knitting Mill {Chattanooga, TN}


Dark Chocolate Covered Almond Macaroon | Rembrandt’s Roasting Company {Chattanooga, TN}


Autumn Goodness | Farmer’s Market {Boone, NC}


Pretend You’re on an Album Cover | Greenway Trail {Boone, NC}


My Nurse Friends | Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Ken’s house {Boone, NC}


In a Cloud | Mount Pisgah Trail {Asheville, NC}


After Dinner Talking | Lexington Avenue Brewery {Asheville, NC}


Afternoon Tasty Treats | French Broad Chocolate Lounge {Asheville, NC}


Sunrise Hike | Max Patch {Asheville, NC}


Mountaintop Selfie | Max Patch {Asheville, NC}


Panoramic View | Max Patch {Asheville, NC}


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