Dear JRB, maybe one day I’ll be old/responsible enough to wake up early with you. Until then, we can continue to have weird-Paige-is-still-asleep conversations every morning. Dear rugs, we have gotten THREE of you since we moved to Birmingham. I’m sensing an obsession. Dear puppies, please see aforementioned letter. These are NEW; please don’t roll you dirty bodies all over them even though I know you’re as excited about them as I am. Dear Tour de South, you are quickly approaching, and I could not be more excited to hit up Chattanooga, Asheville, and Boone with two of my best friends. Dear baby girl, I’m sorry they originally thought you were a boy. Girls can have muscles too! Flex, girl, flex! Dear Josh, I love celebrating with you, and I love even more that we choose to celebrate often. Who says Christmas and birthdays are the only reasons to have a party?

Two of my best friends and I are going next week to Chattanooga, Boone, and Asheville. We are so excited for the much needed girl time/vacation. Any suggestions on where to go/what to do?


One thought on “Letters

  1. chattanooga: I recommend aretha frankenstein’s for coffee/breakfast, Urban Stack is a MUST and y’all have to stop by Knitting Mill Antiques for some browsing/treasure hunting!

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