Weekend Update: Newborn Style

Y’all. I know the pictures don’t look like it, but I did do things other than hold my 6-week-old “niece” this weekend. {Note: I’m an only child, and Josh only has one sibling so we’ve decided to claim every friend’s baby as our neice/nephew.} In all honesty, I would’ve done nothing other than hold her, but apparently I have to eat and sleep and occasionally stir around. Who knew?!


This was after she made me change her diaper. Babies mind control. I’m convinced.


How cute is that jumper Sarah Lynn is wearing?! She’s being bashful at the compliment here.


We did things other than snuggle! We burned some calories too. Well, I did.

I posted this on my Instagram, but don’t you think strollers are modern day chariots? This is the life, y’all!


Ok, I lied. We mostly snuggled.

How was your weekend?! I hope you were loved on and loving on like I did! Aren’t baby snuggles the best?


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