National Dog Day

I know I’m a day late, but who says I can’t celebrate National Dog Day today? Currently, Sam and Miller are taking their 3rd afternoon nap, and if that’s not worth celebrating then I don’t know what is. 



Miller’s likes: playing fetch, playing fetch, playing FETCH | sitting in his chair | peanut butter | rolling on shoes | shaking paws | chasing chipmunks, squirrels, and birds | throwing his bark | going to bed at 9 | going for rides in the car | attacking the vacuum 

Miller’s dislikes: not playing fetch | sharing with Sam | taking medicine | onions | motorcycles



Sam’s likes: taking naps | rolling in the grass | sloppily drinking water | receiving belly rubs | moo’ing like a cow | downward dog | any human food | greeting visitors | playing alarm clock (he wakes us up EVERY morning at the same time)

Sam’s dislikes: Vacuum cleaner | Miller receiving affection | going for long rides in the car | not receiving attention 


Happy National Dog Day to the Bierman Pups!


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