Friday Letters


Dear Josh, we have watched last year’s Iron Bowl and an Auburn documentary all in the last week. War eagle to that. Dear ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I tried and tried not to become a part, but I finally gave in. I’m thankful that Miller help me out by drinking some of the water. Dear back pain, my mixture of yoga, Advil, and massage is finally starting to get rid of you. Be gone. Dear pups of ours, just this week you’ve drunk my ALS challenge water, scared our mailman to death, visited two sets of neighbors, licked our landlord an embarrassing amount, and eaten shrimp tails. Ya’ll are so weird. Dear JRB, you’ve shown me compassion with my back pain and grace through my perfectionism. I don’t deserve you. 


I’ve been having a good bit of lower back and neck pain here recently. I’m thinking it’s a combination of my increase in running (which I completely cut out this week) and sitting in front of a computer. These videos have helped so so much. Above you can see Sam demonstrating child’s pose. He’s a good yoga dog. 


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