An Alabama Post

We’re here!!!  We’ve been in Birmingham for almost a month now, and are absolutely loving it. I’ve taken a break from this blog because 1) I was growing weary and just need a vacation from writing 2) Moving is very difficult 3) Especially when you have a full-time job 

To catch you up, here is what we’ve been doing:

IMG_0324Our first Saturday here, we took a hike on the Red Mountain Trail with some friends and our pups. As you can see, Sam was having to rest after very, very sacredly walking across the bridge to get to this treehouse. Miller, no shocker here, fearlessly ran across the bridge.

IMG_0338One of the best/worst things about moving is that awkward period of time when you don’t have Internet. This was pretty bad since I now work full-time from home. This was awesome because it gave me the opportunity to try out local coffee shops and bum Wifi. My personal favorites are O’Henry’s (great smoothies for after a run) and Church Street Coffee & Books (Handsdown the best cookie- The Breakup Cookie- I’ve ever had.)

photoWe moved to Birmingham with zero tennis balls. At this point, our dogs somehow had 3 and a stuffed lamb. Now we’re down to 2 tennis balls and an unstuffed lamb, but they’ve picked up a bone on the way. We have NO CLUE how they keep getting toys.

photoWhat do you do when it’s raining outside and you have no Wifi or television? Play games! I have only come close to beating Josh as chess ONE TIME. I have, however, beaten him at disc golf. In his defense, winner got to chose the restaurant. I’m ruthless when it comes to food.


I have been referring to Sam and Miller as my “coworkers,” since I started working from home. As you can see, my coworkers sleep a lot on the job.


This weekend we met some friends from college at Avondale Brewery. We had so much fun just hanging out and catching up. Also, did you know dogs are welcome at Avondale?? I don’t know that Sam and Miller could ever calm down enough to go to a wide open space with lots of people and loud music, but the thought is fun, right?


Many of you know that Miller and Sam are not allowed on the furniture. However, at our house in Lagrange, Miller was given ONE chair that he was allowed on. Since we’ve moved, I’ve had to reclaim the chair as my office chair, and he is quite bummed about it. Sometimes, he likes to hop into the chair WHILE I’M IN IT WORKING. I’ve decided to allow it as long as he agrees to take a selfie with me. So, above is Miller and I sorting through Excel spreadsheets. photo

Slowly, but surely our house is turning into a home. It’s good to be back in Sweet Home Alabama.


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