Friday Letters: A Farewell to Lagrange

Dear Lagrange, 

We’ll be leaving you soon- as in one week from today. As you’d expect, I have a whopping ZERO boxes packed, which means it’ll be a long week. My last week. There are many things I’ve loved about living here and few things I haven’t really loved, but I know, without a shadow of a doubt, that JRB and I are 100 percent thankful for the two years we’ve had here. 

When we first moved, we were newlyweds, recent graduates, and fairly clueless. We made about $3 each, but had very expensive taste. (Ok, maybe that was just me.) You grew us in innumerable ways and have strengthened our marriage at one of its most important stages- the first stage. 

Our first six months here, I pretty much hated it. I didn’t know anyone and had already eaten at every restaurant. Although that time was a trying one, JRB and I were forced to grow as a couple. We made friends together, took care of our sick dog Miller together, Googled and found a church together, and even got plugged into that church. 

Slowly your people became our people. In the past two years, we’ve vacationed with friends from here, prayed for and with friends from here, and been blessed (financially, spiritually, and physically) by friends from here. I know that the Lord placed us here on purpose because of the meaningful relationships we’ve made. 

I’ll miss the Caprese flatbread from Mare Sol, the french fries from Cart Barn, and everything about Taste of Lemon. I’ll miss First Baptist Church on the Square and meetings in Tom Farr’s (Top 10 Most Interesting and Most Intelligent Person I’ve Ever Met) office. I’ll miss our college students and the infamous Settlers group each Wednesday night. I’ll miss Bunco- even though no strategy is involved so I only went for the conversations. I’ll miss the house we bought and transformed into our first home where we hosted our first Friendsgiving and Family Christmas- even though we’re still paying the mortgage until someone buys it. (Any takers???) I’ll miss getting ANYWHERE I need to be in less than 15 minutes. I’ll miss getting hugs and kisses from all the sweet babies, a lot of which aren’t actually babies anymore. Our dogs will miss our backdoor neighbor, Mr. Fred, who gave them Milk Bones every day. (The good news is that we’re fairly certain that Sam will shed some pounds.)

We’ll miss this place- this place that I made fun of and looked down on until it completely captivated me and introduced me to some of the best kind of people. Lagrange has the kind of people who bring you dinner when they know you’ve had a hard week, help you pack and move twice in two years, house sit and dog sit while you’re out of town, encourage you through job searches, take you in like you’re their own children, feed you the BEST home cooking there is, offer a place to stay the night when your air conditioning is broken, and generously give of themselves, their possessions, and their time. 

We’re so thankful for our time here, but more importantly the people that filled the time. See you later, Lagrange!


The Biermans



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