Miller Bierman

It came to my attention that today marks the 2 year mark of JRB and I adopting our first dog, Miller. I can’t believe it’s been two years since we adopted the sick puppy I mistook as introverted. The first week or two we had him, I fell asleep every night afraid that he would die. Fortunately, Miller has cat-like tendencies and has somehow survived numerous illnesses and mishaps. 


As a young puppy, Miller was quite the dreadful dog. As aforementioned, he was sick the first two weeks we had him. He also quickly went from a $30 pound puppy to a very, very expensive dog by chewing through baseboards, laundry, tennis shoes, etc. Thankfully he has finally learned to be a good dog. 


Miller enjoys playing fetch and taking ownership of the one piece of furniture he’s allowed on in our house- this chair. He keeps it warm and only allows a few, loved people to sit in it. He’s a creature of habit with a strict bedtime of 10 p.m. He sleeps in the same spot every night and cannot be thwarted from that spot. 



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