Weekend Update: Memorial Day

JRB and I enjoyed a wonderful weekend on the best lake in the south (I could be partial)- Lake Martin.


 We love patriotic holidays and any reason to wear red, white, and blue.


We’ve passed that down to the puppies.


 Above is JRB doing some wake boarding. After participating in the activity, I realized that it’s a lot harder than it looks and I’m not 18 anymore. Y’all. My back is STILL hurting, but it was fun so I guess it was worth it. My goal was to be able to do what I used to could do in  high school (which wasn’t much), and I accomplished that. So I’m good for another 6 years.


 Really, I’m all about the boat riding. Just let me sit up at the front and get some sun, and I’m good for hours.


 Between wake boarding and eating (it seems like that’s all we did), we played Settler of Catan. The puppies were so exhausted from swimming and boat riding that they pretty much napped all evening.


 It was a wonderful weekend with friends and family. We so enjoyed being on the lake- it was like we were in high school again! Only this time married and cooking for ourselves.

How was your Memorial Weekend?


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