Weekend Update: The Tale of the Monster Burger

You know those weekends that are wonderful because they involve nothing? That’s we had- a weekend with no plans, no obligations, and no stress. We ate, played outside, ate some more, read our Bibles, took naps, and watched House. Can time stand still and make life that easy all the time?


Friday night, we went to Mare Sol with friends. This is where JRB took one for the team (and to exert his masculinity) by eating this ENTIRE Monster Inferno burger. I could tell that he way toying with the idea of finishing it on principle, but when the waiter told us we’d get free dessert- GAME. ON. My man finished this burger (after eating lobster dip as an appetizer), and then I had to fight for bites of the White Chocolate Pecan Pie he ordered. Geez!

Don’t be worried though. He’s not going to explode. The only reason he was able to eat so much is because he went on a 29-mile bike ride earlier that afternoon. This isn’t a typical meal for him. Image

Between naps and episodes of House, we spent time outside with the pups. As you can tell, Sam is less into playing and running and more into getting loved on. He’s a dog after my own heart.

Miller, on the other hand, is all about running and playing. The only time I can get him to snuggle with me is when he is “dog” tired (pun intended). He makes us laugh constantly with his quirks and ridiculous feats of athleticism.


This Sunday was also our turn to lead our Sunday School lesson. Why not prepare with coffee and doughnuts?

I hope you had a fabulous weekend! I can’t wait for this one- MEMORIAL DAY!!! JRB and I love America and being patriotic. We’ve passed this trait down to the puppies, so you can expect a lot of red, white, and blue next week.


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