730 Days

Yesterday, JRB and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary. It wasn’t until the end of the day that we realized that we had unintentionally done all of our favorite things. For starters we ate breakfast together (one of my favorites) and had Mama G’s for lunch (every Auburn fan’s favorite).

Josh got me flowers and chocolate covered strawberries, and we played with the puppies.


I had seen and heard a lot of great things about this new restaurant in Auburn called Acre, so we made a reservation there. Y’all. The food was out of this world. The decor is GORGEOUS. And the staff was thoughtful enough to  decorate our table with fresh flowers and a “Happy Anniversary” card. I give this place two thumbs up. (We ordered: appetizer: shrimp and grits, paige: texas redfish, josh: beef tenderloin, dessert: lemon-stawberry fried pies)


After eating to an almost sinful level, we took a long walk around Auburn’s campus and went to some of our favorite places. We also decided to take a tour of the new student recreation center because why not?! Did you know there is a golf simulator in there!? I’m so stinkin’ jealous, and it’s not even funny. This is the view from the yoga room. Jaw dropping, I know. Gosh, I love Auburn.


We ended the night in our pi’s on the couch watching Breaking Bad. If you were paying attention you’ll notice our favorite things included: breakfast, Mama G’s, chocolate covered strawberries, fresh flowers, playing with the puppies, red meat and seafood, Auburn, a few of our Auburn-specific favorites, tv (specifically Breaking Bad, right now), and pi’s on the couch. I’d say it was a fantastic anniversary. Here’s to #3!



One thought on “730 Days

  1. Happy happy second anniversary & 2 a wonderfully blessed third year. 

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