Musings on Men’s Fashion

Don’t men have it the easiest (when it comes to fashion)? From the time they are born until the time they die, all they need are a few good polos, a few good button-ups, jeans and khakis. Ok, so maybe their list is a little more involved than I’m giving them credit for, but you get the picture. Every year, women’s fashion changes. When I was in middle school, glitter pants from Limited Too were the craze. Now you wouldn’t catch me dead in glitter (sequins are a different story), but definitely not glitter pants. I’m only 2 years removed from college, and I ALREADY regret some of my fashion decisions.



Why didn’t anyone tell me that this shirt looks like a shiny version of my grandmother’s table cloth? Who thought this would be a good idea? Might I also point out that JRB STILL regularly wears that pullover and the polo beneath it.



Another photo proving my point. This was only 4 years ago. I immediately regret basically everything about it- the oversized MEN’S button-down and satchel that I carried far too long. May I also point out that I’m wearing PEARLS?? Nothing screams class like a girl in pearls and a men’s button-down.



My roommates from college made much better decisions than I did. I don’t even wear strapless swimsuits that go straight across the chest. So why did I think it’s be a good decision to wear a dress with that cut? It must have been the complementary pleather belt that persuaded me.

Ok. Now that I’ve made my point that women’s fashion is fleeting and terrifying to look back on, let’s look at the main topic- men’s fashion. What I’ve perceived since living in a small town in the south is this:

Most people think men’s fashion should mainly be comprised of polos, jeans, camo and boots. No monogrammed cuffs and never, EVER skinny britches. (It’s their rule. Not mine.)

A man can go just about anywhere- church, the movies, dinner, backyard bbq, the gym, or a ball game- in Lagrange,GA if he will just put on a polo. There is NO place that is too good for a polo. Pair this with the aforementioned jeans and boots, and you’re styling!

Now, I know camouflage isn’t for everyone, but I added it to my list to cover the men during the winter months. When the Snowpocolypse ripped through Georgia this January, I had never seen so much camo in my life. If it wasn’t for camo boots and jackets, I suspect many of our fine Lagrange men would have caught hypothermia and died. Praise the Lord for camo and its warming properties!

Have you noticed that the big thing to do now is monogram EVERYTHING??? These poor babies are learning their initials before they learn their name, and men aren’t exempt from the phenomenon. I have seen men with monogrammed polos, cuffs, cuff links, boxers (yes, that’s real), and socks. If that’s your thing, that’s fine. No hate from the girl with the pleather belt and pearl earrings. However, most of the men I am around cannot fathom why they would want to monogram their clothes, let alone their boxers. Nothing screams masculinity like a men in monogrammed boxers, right?

My favorite quote that pretty well sums up my men’s fashion rant is from my boss, “There’s just something wrong with a man wearing tight britches.”

The end.


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