Rapid Catch Up

Let’s catch up… since it’s been two weeks (or three?) since I’ve done anything with this blog.

ImageFirst, JRB and I have been doing the Advocare 24-day Challenge. It has been much better (and easier) than our Whole30 experience. One of the recipes I made was this Breakfast Quinoa. It’s so simple- just browned sausage, quinoa, and an egg. It would be delicious with salsa or guacamole!


 We had a wonderful Easter. The weekend was filled with fellowship- a low country boil with our Sunday school class and an after-church lunch with some couples from our church. JRB and I are extremely thankful for the community we have found in Lagrange.


How great has this weather been?? We have been taking advantage of the warm weather by frolicking in the backyard, playing church league softball, taking walks, and riding on the boat. Sam couldn’t care less about the weather. He just wants belly rubs all day every day.


This past Friday, we attended the Lagrange High School Spring Show. We went last year and were blown away, so I SEARCHED for tickets this year. I was NOT going to miss it. These LHS students didn’t disappoint.


We’ve been really into cooking during this 24-day challenge. This is another recipe I created, which is uber simple. It’s only grilled chicken, steamed veggies, and pasta. I added some garlic powder, salt, pepper, and balsamic vinegar (obviously!) to spruce it up.


As always, plenty of naps have been taken. If there is one thing JRB and I are good at, it’s ensuring we get our rest. I believe we’ve passed this down to our pups. They’re expert nap-takers.

Happy Monday, folks! Can you believe May arrives this week? Where did April go?


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