Spring Time Favorites

Below are some things I’m loving nowadays.


Josh’s good friend (who turned into my good friend) got married to a spectacular lady (who also turned into my good friend) almost a year ago. (Aren’t they quite the good looking couple?!) Since then, Allison has begun selling Advocare and writing one of my favorite blogs. I use her recipes regularly, and she makes her food look BEAUTIFUL. Check her blog, Abundant Simplicity, out!


I made this Buffalo Chicken Salad last night and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it. It uses non-fat Greek yogurt instead of mayonnaise thus reducing the calories in a major way. I had to take the picture from Prevention RD because, like always, I was too busy eating to take photos.


This is the background of my phone, and I LOVE it. A sweet girl and fellow Auburn graduate runs her own business- Alex Fly Designs, and offered this free print last week. I may or may not have downloaded it in every format. Download yours here.

Have y’all seen this video?? I literally LOL’ed and immediately emailed it to JRB. This whole scenario was just so thought out and perfect. THIS is why I love April Fools Day- even if I suck at it.


Also, is anyone else pumped for Secret Church?? The theme is The Cross and Everyday Life. I don’t know about you, but I need A LOT of the cross in my everyday life.


How about Former President Bush being an artist? Above is his painting of his dog, Barney. He’s the one that Vladmir Putin “dissed” while Bush was still president. This video cracks me up and reminds me why I love George W. (even if I don’t agree with 100 percent of his policies).


It’s officially wedding season! Three out of the next five weekends for JRB and I are weddings. We also are only a month away from our SECOND ANNIVERSARY. How did time go so fast? Weren’t we just having long talks on Auburn’s campus yesterday? Sheesh.


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