Weekend Update: Big City Pups

This weekend was probably the best weekend of our dogs’ lives. It began Friday evening with me sitting outside playing fetch with Miller and rubbing Sam’s belly. Josh was out of town for a bachelor party, so the dogs got all of my attention. (This can be very dangerous for my social media feeds.)


 After meeting my parents for dinner at Jim-N-Nick’s (How awesome is it that Auburn has one now?? Cheesy biscuits fo dayz!!!), I returned to rest up for the big day Saturday promised to be.

Saturday, we visited my bff Camilla in Atlanta. We took the pups to Piedmont Park (the dog park), to Henri’s for sub sandwiches and tasty treats, to Camilla’s parents’ house (where we discovered Sam is scared of stairs. Weirdo.), and then back to her house for popsicles. It was hilarious to see them interact with other dogs. I fully expected them to be absolutely crazy and jumping all over other dogs, but it was almost like they were overwhelmed at the sheer volumes of dogs. Sam ended up roaming and scouting out people to pet him, while Miller went from ball to frisbee back to ball back to frisbee.


 The popsicles were a real hit. They nearly tackled poor Camilla (but she loved it). After all was said and done, we returned back to Lagrange and did a lot of this-


 How was your weekend? I hope it was great! JRB and I can’t wait for this weekend!


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