Weekend Update: Spring has Sprung

Let’s play a little catch up. Want to know what JRB and I have been up to? This is it:

ImageThis beautiful spring weather (and our hyper-active dogs) have motivated us to go on more walks. So we’ve been circling our neighborhood a good bit.


 We had two of the sweetest little boys come spend the night with us on Friday. They climbed trees, chased our dogs, pulled weeds, and made “flower sets.”

Rule #2343: When two cute boys give you a “flower set” they tore from your trees, you graciously accept them and display them in a vase in your dining room.

ImageWe made our own pizzas on pita bread with organic tomato sauce. (That makes it healthier right?)

Note: Two puppies may or may not have had about 15  pepperonis each. (And I wonder why they beg for food)


 We rested. And watched How I Met Your Mother. I don’t know if I should be embarrassed or proud that we’ve almost caught up to real time.


We feasted (Italian style). Our Sunday School class had a Progressive Dinner this Saturday, so we enjoyed bread on bread on bread with these lovelies. JRB and I are continually humbled by how the Lord answered our prayer for strong community. These people are the best.


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