Come Back, Spring

The last two days were UH-MAZE-ING. Why does Mother Nature have to be so schizophrenic these days? One day hot, the next day cold. The pups and I took advantage of our beautiful, warm Spring days by picnicking, playing fetch, and going on walks. Below is what a picnic with two dogs looks like.


Needless to say, it was difficult to eat.

Funny story about our picnic- I went outside with my lunch, some books, and a journal fully expecting to have some quiet, alone time yesterday. Little did I know, the house beside us is now for sale (or rent) and two potential occupants would stop by. Do you know how awkward it is to be in your bathing suit top sitting on a large blanket eating lunch with two strangers on the other side of the fence? No? Just a typical Tuesday in the life of Paige Bierman.

Also, a few days ago I post this picture on Instagram, but I just keep laughing about it. Can you tell which puppy is outdoorsy and which one is indoorsy??


Happy Hump Day! Here’s to wishing and hoping and praying that spring weather returns!


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