Weekend Update: Food Edition

Want to know what we did this weekend? We ate. That’s really about it. Something I’ve found JRB and I are very, very good at is EATING. It doesn’t matter the ethnicity, flavor, setting, or mood- we can always grub.

Friday, JRB wasn’t feeling well. (I think we’re just trading sickness around here.) So instead of a date night out in the metropolis (LOL- like Lagrange is a metropolis), we stayed in, ate Asia slaw, studied for Sunday school, and watched A. LOT. of How I Met Your Mother.

ImageThank goodness, JRB was feeling a little better on Saturday, because we had big plans (well, relatively big plans). Earlier in the week, JRB proposed the idea of going to this NAIA wrestling tournament, and I JUMPED at the chance.

(Ok. That’s such a lie. I didn’t jump at the chance. I had to be wooed.)

(By wooed, I mean JRB promised me a brunch with my bff Camilla, a trip to Ballard Designs, and a good dinner. What can I say? I’m a girl of simple taste- food and interiors).

So off we went to the Atlanta (the real metropolis in the blog post). We enjoyed brunch with Camilla and her fella (Of course, I didn’t take pictures because I’m a bonehead.) and spent a solid hour wandering around Ballard.  I wish I could say JRB loved every minute of discussing lighting options, fabrics, and art, but that would be a TOTAL lie. And I don’t lie on this blog.

Because brunch is never enough, we decided to have a light lunch before entering the wrestling tournament at Life University. Try not to laugh too hard at our food of choices.

ImageWhole30, what? Paleo, who? Ladies and gentlemen, there are times when it’s nice to eat organic, whole foods. And then there are times when all you need is preservatives and Girl Scout cookies. I’m in a preservatives and Girl Scout cookies phase. Judge away.

ImageIn true elementary school lunch style, I traded my Crunch bar to JRB for his Airhead. I completely believe this was an uneven trade because in my book, chocolate ALWAYS trumps AirHeads, but marriage is about compromise and sacrifice. And that’s just what I did.

We finished the day out by some shopping (Old Navy was having a sale on their exercise gear, so guess who got 2 new pairs of pants a workout top?! Check me out at BodyPump tonight.) and a great dinner at Pappasito’s Cantina.

As usual, our Sunday was extremely chill. We went to Sunday School, ate lunch, took mega-naps, and ate dinner with some of our best Lagrange friends.

We ended the night, as usual, with some puppy love. (I’m a little embarrassed at how long this belly rub lasted.)

silly samHappy Monday, friends! Can you believe it’s my birthday week? (That’s right. I get a week, not just a day. JRB tried to argue this, but he’ll NEVER win.)


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