Want to know what holiday only children love more than Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, and the Fourth of July combined? Our birthdays. Call me bratty. I don’t care. But for this only child, birthdays were always special. And when I say birthday, I mean Birth.DAY. It goes from midnight to midnight- no exceptions. So, in the spirit of my birthday coming up, here are some exceptionally fun birthday things I found.

ImageSo what if I’m not 2 years old and the idea of a funfetti cake is making me drool?


On a serious note, these hand-stitched birthday cards are swoon worthy.

I’m LOL’ing at Ellen’s gift to Oprah.


But for real. A cookie-lover like myself may drop dead upon sight of this goodness.

birthday4Rifle Paper Co. NEVER disappoints.

These weekend getaways scream Happy Birthday.


Little boy Blake has to be the luckiest, most awesome kid in the world.

birthday6Let’s be real. All I really want this birthday is for JRB and I to switch places with these lovelies in Greece. Oh, I’m kidding…. Sort’ve.

The real way to make a birthday special isn’t about the gift, ya know? It’s all about the experience.


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