Life on Storm

You know those times when you have grand plans, and then life happens and none of those plans happen? Welcome to my life. Monday. Yes, Monday. I had every intention of posting about my weekend of home improvements. Then, work happened. Life happened. And here I am on Wednesday at 8:30 telling you- Yea, it’s not going to happen. 

I NEVER (Ok, hardly ever) post about work because A.) That’s not what this blog is about. B.) That’s not what my life revolves around. C.) I feel that it is slightly unprofessional. D.) All of the above. But I’m breaking my own rule. 

I am currently sitting in a Georgia Power office outside of Atlanta doing my ever-so-small part of getting the power on. (As you know, I write, read, and make things look pretty. I’m not much for climbing poles and stringing lines. But maybe I can be a morale booster?!)

Yesterday at around 9:30 a.m. I learned that my grand plans of going to Huntsville weren’t going to last because I was being called in for storm. As usual, coffee is the prime commodity, even if it’s cheap.



Elizabeth said she liked my nail polish. If you’re wondering what color it is, it’s OPI Lincoln Park After Dark. It’s one of my faves including Barefoot in Barcelona, San TanTonio, and You Don’t Know Jacques.

On a positive note, we’ve been fed extremely well. And I’ve been completely blowing through my calorie limit according to My Fitness Pal. This is basically every utility worker in Georgia at the local Outback last night. Why must we all drive white trucks?



I don’t know which meal was my favorite: Waffle House breakfast or Jim ‘N Nick’s dinner. What’s your vote?


In conclusion, work and other life events sometimes aren’t timely or welcomed or even pleasant, but that’s life. 

Stay warm, friends!


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