Musings on Everything


Why is it that I have 2 bones, 3 balls, and 2 blankets lying around my house, but our dogs just want to chew on sticks they find in the yard?

While I’m on the topic of dogs, why must they lick everything? I find myself disinfecting our kitchen from top to bottom because I KNOW that somehow Sam and/or Miller have licked it.

How do two people accumulate so much dirty laundry? It makes me terrified of when babes come!

About this Bill Nye-Ken Ham debate. Why are we so enthralled with what these two men say? Since when is a scientist who had to resort to a kids show considered an expert on Evolution? On that same note, who had ever heard of Ken Ham before Monday?

{NOTE: I’m not trying to start some theological debate here.}

Why can’t pregnant women eat soft cheeses? I really think that’s unfair.

Why do men have such disdain for pillows? In my book: more pillows > less pillows. Always and forever.

Why did The Bachelor have to make such a huge deal out of Sean and Catherine saving themselves for marriage? I realize it’s rare these days, but people have been saving themselves for centuries upon centuries. It’s not exactly a “new” thing. And it definitely didn’t have to be brought up every 3 minutes. #awkward

Are we positive Mr. Groundhog  saw his shadow? Can we bring him back out, and try again? I’m really over this whole winter thing.

Can we make a No-PDA rule at the gym? I’m happy you’re so in love, but while I’m sweating it out (or struggling it out) at Body Pump, I don’t care to watch you make out.

While I’m on the gym, how are gold chains not illegal yet?

Is everyone else ready for Scandal to come back on? I need Olivia Pope and the gladiators back in my life STAT.

Happy Thursday everyone! Anything you’re wondering about?


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