Weekend Update: Rosemary Beach

What. A. Weekend. We’ve had this one planned for a while, but little did we know it would be the perfect weekend because we’d be escaping the snow.

ImageWith some of my favorites after dinner at The Red Bar




After an amazing (and totally not whole30 approved breakfast), we walked the beach,

Imageate a hearty lunch,


gawked at the beautiful buildings,


 drank the best caramel macchiatos of our lives, met Ben Rector and his wife Hillary,


cozied up in this awesome local bookstore to read design books, cook books, and book on the evolution of Apple,

Imageand watched the sun set with deep conversation.


 That night we shared tapas and a dark chocolate & peanut butter fondue at La Crema and played Settlers of Catan and Head’s Up

ImageSunday morning, we perused the 30A Farmer’s Market and tasted various dips and spreads before going our separate ways.


All in all, this weekend will go down in the record books. JRB and I are so thankful to have friends who encourage us, make us laugh, and love to eat like we do. On our way home I told Josh, “You know… I think this weekend will be one that we look back on 25 years from now and still laugh.” And I mean that 100 percent.

How was your weekend?? I feel so rested and so much warmer (PTL!). Have a great week!


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