Lately, I’ve been a grouch. Ok… more than lately (and probably more than a grouch, but this is a PG blog). So in order to detox from my negativity, here’s a round of gratitude.

I’m grateful for:


 Puppies who put us to bed each night and greet us with kisses each morning


 The reminder to have a child-like faith- and that Play-Doh is fun


 The challenge of eating whole foods through the Whole30 program


 A husband that knows when to be silly, when to call me out, and when to watch tv in bed


 Gift-giving friends and welcomed distractions


 the peace of being home


 A marriage that roots itself in Christ, asks for forgiveness, and loves unconditionally

What are you grateful for? Isn’t it crazy that stopping and expressing your gratitude can turn the grayest of days to the best days?


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