Weekend Top 5

Since SO much went on over the course of 3 days, I’ve decided to have a top 5 instead of a weekend update. My top 5 (in no particular order) are as follows:

1. Iron Bowl 2013

Guys. Seriously. What a game! JRB and I watched the game in Newnan with friends. {Side note: their basement had two media centers meaning two televisions meaning two games going at the same time. Add this to the Bierman Long-Term Goal List.} Since we were at someone else’s house, I tried to keep myself relatively contained for the game, but on that last play- I cut loose. I couldn’t even control myself! It sure is great to be an Auburn Tiger (or puppy).

ImageAfter the game we celebrated with cookies… then by going to a Taco Mac. Double celebration never killed anyone, right? Then when we got home, JRB and I rolled one of the trees in our front yard. Before the game, I asked JRB if we could we roll a tree in honor of Toomers if Auburn won. I KNOW he said yes because he  A.) Thought I wasn’t serious B.) Thought I would forget  C.) Was trying to get me to hurry up since we were running 15 minutes behind or D. All of the above. But a promise is a promise.


2. Toomers looks like Christmas

Sunday, we rode down to Opelika (reason to follow in #4). While there we decided Dairy Queen and a ride by Toomer’s would be a good decision. Boy was it ever! The only time I’ve ever seen Toomers be that white was when Auburn won the National Championship.


3. My Parents are handy.

Over the course of about two weeks, my parents built us this table. Isn’t that remarkable?! It is going to fit perfectly in our dining room. Image

Can you tell that they’re proud of it (as they should be)?

4. Olivia Kate Bryant arrived. 

Thanksgiving night, I headed to Opelika for the, what I thought would be,  birth of a dear friend’s baby. Four hours later, we were sent home disappointed and with mama in significant discomfort only to come back Friday for the real deal. Livvy Kate was born at 8:17 a.m. at a whopping 6 lbs. 1 oz. and 19 inches long. She is beautiful from her full head of hair to her short, Nolan toes. This babe is sure to be loved. If there was any doubt, look at how we’re all cramming in to sneak a peak of her in the nursery between the blinds.


 Sunday, JRB and I drove back down to visit the Bryant family of THREE (crazy, right?). It was this time that I soaked in hour after hour of snuggle time. She entertained me with duck faces, smacking sounds and narrowed eyebrows. Amazing how a 6 pound baby can be so entertaining without even using words!

Image5. Throwback to Christmas Cocktail

After returning from seeing Livvy Kate, I put on my over-sized t-shirt like I always do on Sunday afternoons. Only this Sunday, I happened to put on an old Chi Omega Christmas Cocktail shirt dated December 1, 2009. The funny thing about this shirt, is that Josh and I both have it since that was the first date function I took him to in college. At that point, we only had hidden crushes on each other. PTL they were later revealed because I, personally, hate that feeling! Don’t get me wrong the butterflies are fun, but my stomach just couldn’t take anymore of my reading into every single text. That night we had a BLAST dancing! And little did we know (or maybe we kind’ve did know) that that night would be catalyst it took to begin dating… then engagement… then marriage. Hooray for Chi O Christmas Cocktail! Hootie hoot!


 Look at that hand on my hip! I thought I was something, right? Also, that whole night it RAINED CATS AND DOGS. My feet were soaking wet, and my hair fell instantaneously. Sure am glad JRB could see past the flat hair and runny mascara. What a stud.

Happy Monday, friends! Let’s hope this week goes SUPER fast (and Auburn has SUPER practices) so we can see a win at the SEC Championship! Anyone going? If so, TAKE MEEEEEEEE!!!! I’m a good game day date, I promise.


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