Below is a list of things I’m lusting over right now. Some make me smile. Some make me laugh. Some make me want to dress fancy. And others make me want to stay at home in my jammers. Either way, I love these things.


This makes my heart jump in all directions because it’s 3 of my favorite things- precious baby boys, puppies, and naps.


These glasses were made for JRB and I. Literally. Half of our name is on them.

Also, I know Miley Cyrus is on our bad list, but how awesome is this cover of Wrecking Ball?


An easy, healthy Thanksgiving side dish. Have I mentioned how I love quinoa??

Additionally, did ya’ll know my mom is a big deal? Check her out in the latest issue of Lake Martin Magazine. I love my shout out as her “adult daughter.”


Also loving this Owl pillow from West Elm. #chiomega

I can’t cross nearly enough cities off of this list. Road trip to everywhere? Anyone? Anyone?


And lastly, this photo that a co-worker sent me just makes me giggle. This pup has the same demeanor of Sam and Miller when they ate our couch.

Happy Tuesday, folks! 


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