Weekend Update: 4th and 18 and a Deal Not Broken

By the title, I’m sure you can tell what I’ll be talking bragging about today. THE MIRACLE IN JORDAN-HARE. This was my thought pattern when it happened:



Game over. 








Crap. Was there a flag?

No. PTL. 

Now they have 25 seconds. 

Crap. We could still lose. 

Now let’s rewind-

The day started out like any other Saturday- me sleeping late, Josh watching tv on his iPad. We cleaned our house to get ready for our favorites (By favorites, I mean the Waites. Check out Caitlyn’s Etsy shop. She’s super talented and has populated a good many of the walls in our house. She also is an amazing interior designer whose house was featured in Mobile Bay Magazine. Whoa.) to spend the night, and then departed to the Promise Land (Auburn). We tailgated, ate like kings and queens, and socialized with our friends.


Some of these pretty ladies I haven’t seen since I graduated!! What a joy to catch up, even if it was ever so brief.

Then we ran into the game, missed the eagle fly,and sat by some really interesting people. One row down and 4 seats to the left was an Alabama fan who got so drunk that his friends talking him into buying an Auburn visor and cheering for us. Beside him was a bald man who was barefoot and wearing glitter toenail polish. You can’t make this stuff up. They were actually enjoyable additions to the game.


Not sure if you can tell from this picture,but we were on the 10 yard line and 7 rows up aka DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE MIRACLE CATCH.

This post wouldn’t be anything without including a video clip of the catch so… viola!

Our reaction: (Thank you, Camilla, for capturing this)


And then I screamed so much that I thought I was going to throw up. Following that episode were the tears.


I just love Auburn, ok?!

If you read this post of mine, then you know that I had a little deal to keep if Auburn won. Let me just say that of all the bets I’ve made with myself, this one was by far the best. I put a UGA fan on the prayer request list and received several high-fives, one hug, and a good many “War Eagle”s.

ImageYes, I jazzed up my jersey with a navy corduroy skirt and boots.

I hope you guys have a fantastic week! Auburn fans, are you still high on life from that game? I hope so! Let’s use that to coast into Thanksgiving! Georgia fans, I apologize for my obnoxiousness. Let me just have this one. 


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