Let’s Make a Deal


Let me be honest. I NEVER thought that my beloved Auburn Tigers would be 9-1 going into the UGA game. NEVER. I  was just hoping we could have a winning season that way I didn’t have to sleep through all of the games again to avoid the pain. So, here we are 9-1 about to face UGA, and I’m starting to get my stride back some. 

You see, once you get accustomed to losing (like I did last year), it’s hard to break that cycle. Therefore, I have found myself every week since the season opened thinking that there is at least a 50 percent chance my Tigers will lose. So, this week I’m feeling confident, but not too confident. I still think we have a 50 percent chance of losing. I’m sorry, ok?! I just can’t get out of this loser’s mentality. To my credit, it makes winning even sweeter!

Growing up in Alabama, I always considered Auburn’s biggest rivalry to be Alabama (And it is. No doubt.) However, I didn’t realize that the rivalry with Georgia was to the level that it is. Yes, I knew this game is considered “The South’s Oldest Rivalry,” but it never sunk in until I moved to Georgia. Guys, these people care more about the Georgia game than they do the Alabama game! It blows my mind! 

And that is why I’m making this deal- if Auburn beats Georgia this weekend, I am wearing my Auburn jersey to church and proudly saying, “War eagle!” to each and every member I encounter. 

War eagle to that. 


One thought on “Let’s Make a Deal

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