My Heart

If you know me well, you know that adoption is so very close to my heart. Not because I was adopted. Or have adopted. But just because from an early age, the Lord put it on my heart. 

That being said, you know I was a basket case this past Sunday – Orphan Sunday. Once again, not because any stat I heard or video I watched was new to me, but because my heart absolutely BREAKS when I think about these precious children without moms and dads. Josh says it’s good to be this broken over a topic, but sometimes I feel a little bit like a nut job. Usually within 10 minutes of thinking of this crisis, my body responds in the only way it knows how – I cry. So I’ve cried a couple  million times these past few years. 

I’m not to the age or place where I can personally adopt. It’s just not the right time for JRB and I, and honestly we haven’t prayed through that decision NEARLY as much as one should before deciding to adopt. However, what I can do is be a voice. I can share with you ways you can get involved. 

1. Pray

Pray for the roughtly 153 million orphans in this world and that they would find their forever homes with their forever familes. Pray that the church (talking uppercase and lowercase C) would rise up and display James 1:27- Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. Pray for families that have adopted or are going through the adoption process. 

2. Adopt

You can do that you know? Domestic or International. Yes, it is expensive, but please don’t let money keep you from displaying the gospel in one of the clearest ways. 

3. Support

Don’t know anyone going through the adoption process? Here are a couple. 

The Hamiter 6– They leave to pick up their son, Micah, from China FRIDAY!!!

The Dentons– They are adopting a sweet boy that was best friends with my pastor’s daughter when she was in an orphanage in China. 

Or support an orphanage, ministry, or adoption agency.

All Things New– Matt and Jessica Bush (Matt is from Lagrange- woot! woot!) are now in charge of an orphanage in Haiti. You can support a specific child or donate medical supplies like this sweet girl. 

Food for the Hungry– You can give or sponsor a child to supply him or her with school supplies, food, clean water, and medical treatment. 

Compassion– Same deal with Compassion. Sponsor a child to provide them with their basic physical and spiritual needs. 

Lifeline Adoption Agency– I have several friends who work here and several who have adopted or been adopted through Lifelife. Donations go to help birth mothers, adoptive parents, supporting orphans who have aged out, foster parents, etc. 


These are a few of the MANY different ways you can help out. Obviously there are other organizations and ministries you can donate to, but just do something. This is too big for us to sit back and hope someone else does something. It is YOUR job and MY job. Let’s be the generation that is known by James 1:27. 


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