Letters Edition


Dear Joshua Ryan Bierman, we ask for each other’s forgiveness often. PTL for grace. Dear motivation, PPUUUUSSSHHHH!!! Only 4 days, 7 hours, 27 minutes, and 26, 25, 24, 23 seconds until Asheville. Dear sweet tooth, it seems like  you’ve shrunk since I began eating healthier. Coincidence? I think not. Dear Green Monster Smoothie, you have completely revolutionized our breakfast routine, and for that I say thank you.  Dear Asheville, may your air be crisp, your food be delicious, your leaves be colorful, and your Biltmore be HUGE. Coming for ya, big girl! Dear JRB, remember that time we got a new countertop in our bathroom? Praise the Great Lion of Judah for no more 1970’s laminate!

Big plans this weekend? Josh and I are house/cat/baby-sitting for a sweet couple here in LaGrange and, of course, cheering on our beloved Auburn Tigers against the Ole Miss Rebel Black Bears (Black bears? Did that really happen?). Oddly, I think Josh and I will be better with the kids than my Auburn Tigers will be against Ole Miss. This. Isn’t. Good. 


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