Weekend Update: Babies, Birthdays, and Football

This weekend I got to see some of my BESTEST OF BEST friends. Leaving college, I didn’t realize how sporadically this would happen, so I find myself now extremely giddy and thankful when we can get together. It started with the going to Hunter’s Pub, OBVIOUSLY. Then Saturday, we met at the greatest place in Auburn, Big Blue Bagel, for my girl Elizabeth’s birthday  (which is actually today- Happy birthday, EWB.)

ImageSeriously. If you’ve never been to Big Blue Bagel, it’s worth the trip. And when you go, invite me, ok?

I got the multi grain bagel with blueberry cream cheese on the side and a side of fruit. Don’t be confused; I didn’t get the fruit on a bagel. Fruit on a bagel is the EXACT same thing, but $1-$2 more because they slice the fruit. I’ll save that money, and eat whole fruit. #newlywedproblems


After breakfast, I hurried to Alex City for a sweet, family friend’s baby shower. Boy, was she ever showered! Livvy Kate is going to be one pampered priss!

ImageAfter my trip to Alex City, I came BACK to Auburn in time to tailgate and go to the Auburn/ Mississippi State game.


Our tickets were in the Club Level (thank the Lord for friends who know people). We had such a great time and took serious advantage of the free fajita bar and drinks. 

ImageWe also took advantage of having friends there to take our picture. Does anyone else feel awkward asking strangers to take your picture?? {Note: we didn’t plan on wearing stripes on stripes on stripes. I left before he was dressed, so I’m blaming this on Josh.}

ImageMainly, I was just excited to be in my favorite place with some of my favorite people. Liz and Camilla, WE CANNOT GO TOO LONG WITHOUT SEEING EACH OTHER. Other friends, this goes for you too. {Note: I don’t actually have a lazy eye. Glad I realized my eye was funky AFTER the fact.}

War eagle. 







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