Weekend Update: Sports & Coffee

For those of you who really know JRB and I, you know that we reeeaallllly like sports. JRB is a state champion wrestler along with playing soccer and running cross country in high school. I played volleyball and softball (and wasn’t too shabby), but no state championship for me. We are crazy competitive, with ourselves and each other. Our first date was aligned with a bet; we used to challenge people to beach volleyball matches; and got oddly into curling during the Winter Olympics. That being said, it’s not a surprise that Josh and I attended 3 different sporting events this weekend.

It started at Turner Field for the Braves’ last Friday night game of the regular season.

ImageWe met some couple friends of ours there, and used our 4 free tickets. That’s right. We got to see the Braves win, a fireworks show, and a concert all for the whopping price of $15.

ImageFor those of you who watched the game, you know that it was quite the pitchers dual. There were a total of 5 hits in the game, and the Braves faced a minimum amount of batters. However, Chris Johnson (Josh’s boy; mine is Heyword/Freeman) homered in the bottom of the eighth to put the Braves up 1-0.

ImageI was a bit excited…. about the homerun and win, but also the fireworks!! I ooo’ed and ah’ed almost the whole time.

ImageSaturday, Josh and I (and Miller) began our day with GameDay- because how else do you start a Saturday in the fall? And then we went to a little league football game. If you’ve never been to one, GO! It’s awesome and hilarious and fun and sweet. The Patriots (our team) won by 2 touchdowns, even though that’s not official since they don’t technically keep score. But c’mon?! We have to know who wins!


We followed that up with going to my mom’s volleyball tournament in Smiths Station, where the won their SECOND tournament in a row. So proud of those girls! They’re ranked #4 in the state of Alabama, so If you live in Alex City and want to see some good competition, go to their matches!

Lastly, we went to church Sunday morning. In Sunday School, we discussed how we are created for rest (basically, take a Sabbath). Last week, we discussed how we are created to work. I liked this week’s lesson a little better, I think!!! I’m all about resting. Ok. Ok. All joking aside, we had a great time and learned a lot.


Also, did you know that yesterday- September 29- was National Coffee Day? To celebrate, our church is now giving out free coffee!! We used to pay 50 cents, but now it’s a free for all. However, there is a donation basket that all proceeds (along with the money used by our church to actually buy the coffee) go to Land of a Thousand Hills ministry. Have you ever heard of them? Check out their website. Buy their coffee.  Also, did you know they have a coffee house in Atlanta? I’ve been, and let me just say their iced chai lattes are OUT. OF. THIS. WORLD.

“When you buy Land of a Thousand Hills, you are receiving coffee that is 100% Arabica, fairly traded, and roasted fresh. Your excellent morning cup is offering hope to these developing coffee communities with each purchase. “

Drink coffee. Do good.


Classic Mix-up: Hooters and Shooters


Yesterday, JRB and I had quite an interesting moment together. You see, periodically (not scheduled or anything) we sit down to look at our budget, and how we’ve been doing financially each month. Yesterday was no different, so JRB pulled Mint up on his iPad. 

As we were scrolling through our transactions and analyzing where we should cut back, I noticed a transaction to Hooters on Friday, September 6. JRB must have noticed at the exact same time because he turns to me and goes, “PAIGE! When have you gone to Hooters?!” He had this smirk on his face, so I retorted with, “Me???? When did YOU go to Hooters?” This continued for a while with me KNOWING I hadn’t gone to Hooters so JRB must have taken a random trip for lunch. That’s the only way I could make sense of it in my mind, and honestly I was feeling a little betrayed. No offense to Hooters, but I don’t exactly want my husband taking secretive lunch breaks there. 

Finally, we got out a calendar and realized that September 6 was the day before the opening of dove season. That Friday I had gone to buy Josh and camo t-shirt at Shooters. Only Mint had dropped the S, and categorized the transaction as a restaurant. 

So, we got a good chuckle out of it, and I hope you do too. This is just a day in the life at the Bierman house with a classic mix-up between Hooters and Shooters. 

Hello, fall

Below are some things I’m LOVING right now:

Imagewearing my favorite gingham button-down and booties


 fall colors and mums


 the challenge of eating healthier


my sweet new purse that fits my book, Bible, and whole life in it


 soy pumpkin spice lattes that never fail and are perfect treats after Saturday morning yoga


a sleepy pup and work at home with JRB

Hello, fall. You sure are lovely.

Weekend Update: Babies, Birthdays, and Football

This weekend I got to see some of my BESTEST OF BEST friends. Leaving college, I didn’t realize how sporadically this would happen, so I find myself now extremely giddy and thankful when we can get together. It started with the going to Hunter’s Pub, OBVIOUSLY. Then Saturday, we met at the greatest place in Auburn, Big Blue Bagel, for my girl Elizabeth’s birthday  (which is actually today- Happy birthday, EWB.)

ImageSeriously. If you’ve never been to Big Blue Bagel, it’s worth the trip. And when you go, invite me, ok?

I got the multi grain bagel with blueberry cream cheese on the side and a side of fruit. Don’t be confused; I didn’t get the fruit on a bagel. Fruit on a bagel is the EXACT same thing, but $1-$2 more because they slice the fruit. I’ll save that money, and eat whole fruit. #newlywedproblems


After breakfast, I hurried to Alex City for a sweet, family friend’s baby shower. Boy, was she ever showered! Livvy Kate is going to be one pampered priss!

ImageAfter my trip to Alex City, I came BACK to Auburn in time to tailgate and go to the Auburn/ Mississippi State game.


Our tickets were in the Club Level (thank the Lord for friends who know people). We had such a great time and took serious advantage of the free fajita bar and drinks. 

ImageWe also took advantage of having friends there to take our picture. Does anyone else feel awkward asking strangers to take your picture?? {Note: we didn’t plan on wearing stripes on stripes on stripes. I left before he was dressed, so I’m blaming this on Josh.}

ImageMainly, I was just excited to be in my favorite place with some of my favorite people. Liz and Camilla, WE CANNOT GO TOO LONG WITHOUT SEEING EACH OTHER. Other friends, this goes for you too. {Note: I don’t actually have a lazy eye. Glad I realized my eye was funky AFTER the fact.}

War eagle. 






Actually Healthy Recipe

I had never made quinoa before, so I was a bit worried when I read on the bag that I have to rinse the quinoa to remove the bitter taste. What have I gotten myself into??? But, this recipe was very easy to make, healthy, and Josh approved (so it must be tasty and filling, as well).

I found the recipe on my friend Elizabeth’s blog: In The Loop. Her taste (in all things, not just food) is undeniably awesome, so I felt like I could trust her when she said on her blog post that this recipe was tasty.

Here it is:

Summer Quinoa Bowl


1 cup quinoa, rinsed well in cool water
2 c. vegetable broth
1 cup. (about four ears) of yellow corn kernels, cut from the cob
1 regular tomato, seeded and diced
1/4 c. fresh cilantro, chopped
2 c. baby spinach, chopped
3/4 c. slivered almonds, toasted in oven for a few minutes (I actually left this out simply because I forgot to include it. Whoops!)
3/4 lb. of shrimp (I added this because JRB doesn’t eat meatless meals)
For the lime vinaigrette:
2 limes, juiced
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
1 tsp. honey
1 clove garlic, minced
sea salt and freshly ground pepper, to taste


Cook quinoa according to directions on package, using vegetable broth instead of water. Set aside from heat and remove lid.

To make the vinaigrette, start by squeezing the limes into a small bowl. Add salt, pepper, garlic and honey, stirring well. With a fork, slowly pour in the olive oil and whisk well.

Meanwhile, pour a touch of olive oil into a skillet on med-high heat. Lightly coat shrimp with seasoning of your choice (I did cajun spicing to liven it up a bit), and cook until shrimp are slightly pink.

In a bowl, combine the corn, diced tomato, cilantro, spinach and almonds. Add the cooled quinoa, lime vinaigrette and stir.

Serve hot, room temperature, or cold with lime and/or avocado.


Guys. I saw this video on ESPN, and I nearly lost all composure. How precious and sweet is that father’s love? However, it wasn’t always perfect, and it will never be. Thank you, Lord, for being our Heavenly Father whose love is sweet and perfect always.

13 For You formed my inward parts;
You covered me in my mother’s womb.
14 I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made;[b]
Marvelous are Your works,
And that my soul knows very well.
15 My frame was not hidden from You,
When I was made in secret,
And skillfully wrought in the lowest parts of the earth.
16 Your eyes saw my substance, being yet unformed.
And in Your book they all were written,
The days fashioned for me,
When as yet there were none of them.

Psalm 139: 13-16