Reasons It’s Not Time for Children


I let my succulent die. 

 I didn’t feed the dogs dinner until 11 p.m. yesterday,

I ran out of food for the pups this morning, and had to feed them dinner rolls. 

I still get mosquito bites at a child-like level. I currently have about 50 below my knees and a tube of Benadryl cream in my purse. 

No matter how long I have been waking up early, I can still always sleep til lunch. 

Our current refrigerator contents are cheese, almond milk, and carrots. 

It still takes me 20 minutes to get myself into pajamas. Bed time is hard. 

In the meantime, parents, I still love playing with your children. So please allow me to hang out with them until they start crying or make a dirty diaper. 



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