Not Ashamed


Within the last week, I’ve had several odd things take place. I’d like to say that I’m ashamed of them, but honestly…. I’m just not ashamed.

Within the last week I’ve:

  1. Left the dogs in the house with Animal Planet on because surely Animal Planet would be soothing to puppies.
  2. Eaten dessert 5 days in a row. (One of those nights, dessert was dinner.)
  3. Read the Bible out loud to Miller. Doggy heaven??
  4. Uncontrollably cried while staring at an orphan’s picture on the computer.
  5. Begged Josh to adopt the orphan even though we meet NONE of the criteria.
  6. Slept an entire night on the couch despite Josh’s best efforts to get me to come to bed. (I was just that sleepy, ok?!)
  7. Fallen asleep in bed and slept all night with my sandals on top of the covers.
  8. Taken WAY too many pictures of our dogs.
  9. Stayed in my robe until 11:30 two days in a row. (Working from home has its perks.)
  10. Been insanely jealous that Josh is about to be a groomsman in his 6th (maybe 7th) wedding, and I’ve only been a bridesmaid ONCE. Watch out friends, the matchmaker is coming out.
  11. Allowed Miller AND Sam to get on our bed because I knew I was washing the bedding that day. Now Miller wants to jump on ALL of our furniture, grill included. See picture above.
  12. Sung rush songs in our living room. Go Chi O!

Yep, folks, this is what life has looked like for JRB and myself. Be jealous. 


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