Letters Edition


Dear JRB, thanks to you not answering my phone calls- I had to drive to our house with the thought of you being dead in the back of my head. Glad you’re alive, even if you did eat my leftovers. Dear Cart Barn, the last two Fridays I’ve gone to you in hopes of your infamous steak sandwich, and both times I’ve left feeling awesome about your crabcake sandwich. No complaints here. Dear new kitchen back splash,  FINALLY YOU’RE HERE!!!! We so don’t miss the lime green. Dear Miller, right at a year ago Josh and I brought you home from the humane society. Since then you’ve amused us and made us get really creative in trying to get you to eat. You’re an awesome pup. Dear Joshua Ryan Bierman, there’s talk of you jumping out of a plane tomorrow. As aforementioned, I really appreciate you being alive.

Happy weekend, folks!


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