2 Years


Two years ago today this stud asked me the easiest to answer question I’ve ever been asked.  Today I’m thankful that engagement is over, and I’m now married to JRB. I’m challenged daily by his generosity, intelligence and faithfulness. Not to mention his athleticism and ability to remember every character’s name from every movie and TV show. 

Josh, thank you for loving me unconditionally, pointing to the cross, doing life with me, and introducing me to Scrubs. You’re my favorite, and I’d say yes all over again. 


Reasons It’s Not Time for Children


I let my succulent die. 

 I didn’t feed the dogs dinner until 11 p.m. yesterday,

I ran out of food for the pups this morning, and had to feed them dinner rolls. 

I still get mosquito bites at a child-like level. I currently have about 50 below my knees and a tube of Benadryl cream in my purse. 

No matter how long I have been waking up early, I can still always sleep til lunch. 

Our current refrigerator contents are cheese, almond milk, and carrots. 

It still takes me 20 minutes to get myself into pajamas. Bed time is hard. 

In the meantime, parents, I still love playing with your children. So please allow me to hang out with them until they start crying or make a dirty diaper. 


Not Ashamed


Within the last week, I’ve had several odd things take place. I’d like to say that I’m ashamed of them, but honestly…. I’m just not ashamed.

Within the last week I’ve:

  1. Left the dogs in the house with Animal Planet on because surely Animal Planet would be soothing to puppies.
  2. Eaten dessert 5 days in a row. (One of those nights, dessert was dinner.)
  3. Read the Bible out loud to Miller. Doggy heaven??
  4. Uncontrollably cried while staring at an orphan’s picture on the computer.
  5. Begged Josh to adopt the orphan even though we meet NONE of the criteria.
  6. Slept an entire night on the couch despite Josh’s best efforts to get me to come to bed. (I was just that sleepy, ok?!)
  7. Fallen asleep in bed and slept all night with my sandals on top of the covers.
  8. Taken WAY too many pictures of our dogs.
  9. Stayed in my robe until 11:30 two days in a row. (Working from home has its perks.)
  10. Been insanely jealous that Josh is about to be a groomsman in his 6th (maybe 7th) wedding, and I’ve only been a bridesmaid ONCE. Watch out friends, the matchmaker is coming out.
  11. Allowed Miller AND Sam to get on our bed because I knew I was washing the bedding that day. Now Miller wants to jump on ALL of our furniture, grill included. See picture above.
  12. Sung rush songs in our living room. Go Chi O!

Yep, folks, this is what life has looked like for JRB and myself. Be jealous. 

Letters Edition


Dear JRB aka Superman, yesterday when I asked if you needed to go to the doctor, you replied, “No, I’m superman.” This is one of the reasons I think you’re awesome. Dear heart of mine, I love that you can be so tender, no matter how embarrassing crying is. Dear FBC College Students, COME. BACK. ALREADY. This is really getting ridiculous. Dear Hamiter Family, you’re precious and encouraging and challenging and fun. Can’t wait for you to bring home Baby Micah! Dear Josh, when you make the bed so warm, it’s so hard to get out. Thus why my hair is still wet and I was 30 minutes late to work.

Our dear friends are having a yard sale this Saturday in Auburn, Ala. All proceeds go to aid the adoption process. Go support them, and let’s bring Baby Micah home!

Chef JRB

Yesterday, this is what I came home to.

ImageThat’s. What. I’m. Talking. About. 

He made a delicious meal for the two of us thanks to my friend Elizabeth’s blog. It was this recipe, and I give it a A+. An A because it was delicious, and + because I didn’t cook it. 

Now that’s a great start to the week! Hope your Monday was a delicious as mine!


Weekend Update: Sleepovers and Scallops

It’s weekends like this one that lets me know we aren’t newbies in LaGrange anymore. Our agenda was packed to the brim, and we LOVED IT!

Friday night we had two boys spend the night with us because they “wanted to play with Sam and Miller.” I think that was code for “play with Mr. Josh.” On top of playing video games, downloading 27 new games to my phone, and driving our dogs to near exhaustion, we also…


watched cartoons,



Imageand did A LOT of pull-ups.

Needless to say, Miller, Sam, Mr. Josh AND Mrs. Paige were pretty tired come Saturday afternoon. But that didn’t stop us from having lunch with friends and taking advantage of the tax-free holiday. After 2+ years of trying to find JRB a new pair of nice brown shoes, WE FOUND THEM!! Now let’s just hope he doesn’t take this pair back after 4 days like he did last time.

Later that night, we had a good friend over for a manly feast. Since Connor is going to East Asia for the next year for mission work, we wanted to send him out in true American style: steak, potatoes, and sweet tea. I also tried my hand at scallops. Although it was my first time to prepare scallops, I felt good about my creation. Going along with the theme, I made bacon wrapped scallops. Below is the recipe (slightly altered from Pioneer Woman):


Bacon Wrapped Scallops


2 pounds of scallops

1/2 pound of bacon, cut into halves

1 stick of butter, melted

2 teaspoons of Chili Powder

Dash of Cayenne



Mix the butter, chili powder, and cayenne. (I added minced garlic). Dip the scallops into the butter mixture then wrap the bacon around each scallop. Use the toothpick to secure the bacon around the scallop.

Cook in a 425 degree oven for 20 minutes or until bacon is crispy and brown. OR Grill them until the bacon is crispy and brown.

Once they’ve been cooked/grilled, place them in the buttery mixture and serve.

Letters Edition


Dear JRB, thanks to you not answering my phone calls- I had to drive to our house with the thought of you being dead in the back of my head. Glad you’re alive, even if you did eat my leftovers. Dear Cart Barn, the last two Fridays I’ve gone to you in hopes of your infamous steak sandwich, and both times I’ve left feeling awesome about your crabcake sandwich. No complaints here. Dear new kitchen back splash,  FINALLY YOU’RE HERE!!!! We so don’t miss the lime green. Dear Miller, right at a year ago Josh and I brought you home from the humane society. Since then you’ve amused us and made us get really creative in trying to get you to eat. You’re an awesome pup. Dear Joshua Ryan Bierman, there’s talk of you jumping out of a plane tomorrow. As aforementioned, I really appreciate you being alive.

Happy weekend, folks!