Biermans Take on Babysitting

Last night there was a baby in the Bierman house. Don’t get confused. Josh and I have not conceived or birthed a baby, we were merely babysitting. However, it was quite the time. You see, I LOVE babies. I don’t have much experience with the teeny ones, but am constantly enamored with them, especially in church. Josh is a self-proclaimed non-baby enthusiast. Nothing against them. Just no desire to hold, cuddle, and play with them until they’re old enough to talk and play catch. 

So when the Wards dropped off their precious baby boy, I was pumped, and Josh was…. terrified? feeling nothing? hungry because we hadn’t eaten dinner yet? Anyways… the following are incidents we had.

1. While eating dinner, baby boy was rocking away in his swing making fascinating cooing sounds. At one point, I caught Josh and myself staring at him, pork chop on fork, in bewilderment. 

2. Instead of being proactive, and having the bottle ready when Mom told us to. We waited for Mason to tell us (or scream at us). Never making that mistake again. 

3. While making the bottle, I spilled milk on my leg. Let’s just say it wasn’t 2%. Never seen JRB act so panicked. I was a little freaked too.

4. We learned that babies are tiny saunas. While Mason was asleep, I didn’t realize it, but he was making me sweat! My shirt was starting to stick to me, but I dare not move a sleeping baby.

ImageThis is Mason laughing at me after I changed his messy diaper. He’s quite the prankster. 



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