Weekend Update: Lake Pups, Sparklers, and Birthdays

This weekend, like everyone else, JRB and I hid from the rain. Only we hid from the rain in my parent’s 5th wheel. That’s right, we tried our hand at camping, and weren’t too bad at it! Sadly, we couldn’t get the best experience because the rain fall was reminiscent of the story of Noah’s Ark. However, we did pick up the card game Phase 10, so I call that a win. We were happy to host a few friends, go on rain intermission boatrides, and eat lots of American food (burgers, steak, etc.)


Our dogs enjoyed the water, but REALLY loved the boat rides. Here are Miller and I (me trying to make his face) while riding on the boat. Miller loves being copilot and hates getting splashed.

Sam & JRB

Out of our two dogs, Sam is definitely the swimmer. Although, he’s indoorsy, he beat Miller out in the swim contest. The only way we could get Miller into the water was to play fetch. We literally had to keep a constant watch on Sam because he’d just swim off by himself. He really liked being held in the water, like seen above with JRB.


Perk of swimming= very sleepy puppies. This is Drake, our friend’s golden retriever. He came to visit and play for the weekend, and we fell in LOVE with him.

image (1)

Saturday, we went to a wedding in Auburn, and I got to see these beauties. Seriously, nothing is better than reuniting.

imageAlthough, sparklers are close.

image (2)

Then Sunday after church we went back to Auburn for my sweet, awesome, role model Cassie’s birthday. It was here that I saw that Josh isn’t so bad with kids after all. I caught this view from the kitchen. { By the way, I NEVER thought he was bad with kids. He has it in his head somehow that all kids hate him, which is so untrue.}


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