Today marks one year since JRB and I moved to LaGrange, GA, and how perfect that the square was decorated for JRB and I’s favorite holiday- The Fourth of July. The day we moved here, I just knew it was an omen that it was 102 degrees in the shade.  However, we were quickly charmed by the quaintness of the square and the cool movie theater. Little did we know that in just a short year we would find this place as our home.  Don’t get me wrong, I cried several times because I didn’t know anyone or where to go or what to do, but we persevered with trips to Dairy Queen and Charlie Jo’s, settling into our church family, and forcing Miller into awfully long walks. I can honestly say I love our life here in The Grange, and love the people here even more.

FYI- I still need to master the roads here in LaGrange since today I went up a one-way and was forced to do a U-turn in the middle of traffic. Sadly, I didn’t even realize, until the horns blared, that my right on red was completely illegal and dangerous. Sorry, LaGrange citizens, for being the crazy Corolla going the wrong way on Church Street.


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