Vacation: Over

Well, my Oklahoma City trip is now over. I must say that our trip was quite the adventure. From fighting tornadoes to 15- inning softball games, we’ve been through it all. Although yesterday was quite a bit slower than every other day, we still got out and saw some new stuff.

First we went to Moore, OK, the site of the horrific tornado that hit a few weeks ago. Honestly, I wasn’t prepared. Photos don’t show the real story. Photos show maybe 20 feet of the destruction when the truth is the destruction goes on for mile after mile after mile. That tornado took out neighborhood on top of neighborhood. The photo below is from Briarwood Elementary School. The only thing that sets this apart as a school is the playground which somehow held up through the storm. After seeing it I realized that it’s by the grace of God that anyone survived.


On to a little bit of a lighter side. For dinner we went to Bricktown again. After dinner we walked around downtown near Cheasapeake Arena where the Thunder play. It was there that we discovered a nice little park, an outdoor theater, and a nice walking trail.


After our stroll around town, we went to the CUTEST cupcake and candy shop. A girl we met at the ball field recommended it, and once again it blew away my expectations. Pinkitzel sold candy and cupcakes, but it also sold baking things: cupcake kits, cake toppers, aprons, kitchen towels, coffee mugs, etc. They even had this ADORABLE “baby coffee mug.” It was a small coffee mug with a sippy cup top, that way mommies can drink their coffee and babies can match! Pinkitzel was decorated from ceiling to floor in black, white, and pink. (Not my style, but nonetheless really cute) I got the strawberry shortcake cupcake, and ate it in about 1.7 seconds. Seriously, so delicious! Apparently, their specialty is a blueberry-lemon cheesecake, but sadly they were all out.




All in all, our trip to Oklahoma City was great! Take out the tornado part, and it was perfect. We saw a lot of great softball, ate a lot of delicious food, and made plenty of memories.


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