Vacation: Part 2

I’m going a little out of order posting about the tornado before all of the actual fun we had. So here comes the fun stuff from our trip thus far.IMG_20130531_142456

Our first adventure outside of the softball complex was to the memorial at the sight of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing. This is the gate outside of the memorial where people have shown love by placing commemorative objects for those deceased.

A clean up crew on the day of the bombing spray painted this message on the wall of a neighboring building.IMG_20130531_143531

This tree was the only thing to survive the blast. IMG_20130531_144102

On each end of the memorial are these large pillars. The two enclose the time 9:02, which was the exact time that the bomb went off. The time 9:01 represents the calm of the city before the bombing.

A good first view of the memorial.IMG_20130531_144436

To the right of the water are these chairs which represent each person who died on that day. They are arranged by what floor they worked on or are visiting. There are nine rows representing the nine floors of the building.


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