Our Tornado Experience

Well, I’m in Oklahoma City. For those of you who watch the news, you know that last night I was fighting tornadoes, and let me just say it is NOT fun. I’ll be posting again later with the fun parts of our trip, but I wanted to inform you on our tornado experience.

When we got to the softball fields yesterday, we found out that all games had been postponed due to the weather. Literally, as soon as we parked back at our hotel the entire sky darkened to an ominous gray. We began watching the weather, and within five minutes we were told to take shelter because we were under a Tornado Emergency. I didn’t even know there was such thing as a Tornado Emergency!? Where I’m from you have Tornado Watch (no big deal) and Tornado Warning (still not freaking out), but when I heard Tornado Emergency, which is the same stage that the Moore, OK tornado was in, I FREAKED!

From there we spent the next 2.5 hours in a crowded stairwell with people from Kansas, Texas, Florida, and Oklahoma. At the beginning, I was being strong. All I could think was how the Lord’s plan was bigger than mine, and he could take care of us. However, when the power went off, things got quiet, and the man behind me began telling his loved ones that he loved them, I lost it. This just so happened to coincide with Josh calling me. I have never experienced something so scary in my life. Seated in that tiny room, we had no clue where the tornado was. Has it passed? Was it still coming? There are more than one?

It wasn’t until today when we could get to a place with WiFi that I figured out how deadly this storm was and how extremely lucky we were to not get hit. Currently, I’m blogging in a Panera because our power is still out. We’re having to charge our phones at every spare circuit. About a quarter mile from our apartment roads are closed, and power lines are snapped in half. It’s not looking like we’ll be getting power back today. I’m just so thankful that the tornado didn’t come the next quarter mile.


This is us in the stairwell. Yes, that’s me crouching/hiding my face.


This is the picture I took right after we emerged from the stairwell. It’s hard to tell, but that power line is leaning like the Tower of Pizza.Image

This is about a quarter mile from our hotel. The road is closed because trees and about 4 other power poles are down. We’re really hoping that we can get power (aka warm water) by tomorrow!


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