Vacation: Part 1

I have exactly 2 weeks from my last day of school at CES and my first day at my new job-June 10. During those two weeks I will sleep in my house ONE time. That’s right. Only once. I’ll be splitting my time between Hilton head Island, SC (beach vacation) and Oklahoma City, OK (women’s softball college world series). For the past 5 days JRB and I have been in Hilton Head living like gods.We’ve swam, tanned, feasted, slept in, and played lots of bocce ball/ frisbee. Below are some photos from our trip.

Pool Time

We spent lots of time at the pool. One day, our resort even had a pool party with free food and drinks. Talk about a newlywed dream!


We beached it up a lot! Luckily, Josh had a pal for 3 days, so I could focus on my tan instead of building a sand recliner. Pretty innovative, right?

Don’t get me wrong. JRB is still the most fun beach friend there is. Especially because he let me steal his fishing shirt for the day to cover my INCREDIBLY sunburned tummy.


As previously mentioned, we feasted like royalty. This was taken at Harbour Point on Hilton Head Island. We went there for dinner, ice cream, and to study the awesome looking boats.


We got a pretty nice view of the sun setting, also. Not too shabby, right?

Island Links

“Bless the Lord, O my soul! O Lord my God, you are very great! You are clothed with splendor and majesty, covering yourself with light as with a garment, stretching out the heavens like a tent.”

Psalms 104: 1-2




Dear JRB, I’ve so enjoyed turning our house into a home- one tiger pillow at a time. Dear Kindergarten, this year you’ve taught me that babies don’t stay babies, parents really really matter, and that Jesus knew what was up when he called all the children to him. Thank you for a great introduction into post-collegiate life. Dear Hilton Head, WE’RE COMING FOR YOUUUU!!!! And couldn’t be more excited! Dear Sam & Miller, ya’ll are hilarious, but also quite gross. Can we cut down on the inappropriate contact? Dear super husband, who knew there was enough time in the day to clean the house, mow the lawn,¬†AND still catch 5 animated superhero movies. Maybe that’s your super power?!?!

Let Me Explain

I’m baaaaaaccckk! Well, I hope I can be back with some sort of consistency. I love blogging, and it is SO fun to look back on. However, living life gets a bit busy sometimes, therefore blogging gets cut. Let me catch you up to speed. This is what all has happened since January 24.

Josh and I got a new dog! I know, I know. Why in the world do we think we need two dogs?? But Sam is just SO cute!!!












We bought a house! Once again, whaaaaat?? I’m 23 and a homeowner. That’s weird. But when we sat down and evaluated our future, we saw ourselves in LaGrange for several years (maybe more!?) and decided we didn’t want to throw our money into the bottomless pit called apartment rent. So… we bought a house! It’s been so fun/exhausting/stressful/exciting to spruce it up to make it home. {More pictures of the hacienda to come, but for the meantime this is what I have}












I turned 23. I had the flu, so my entire day was spent in bed. But Josh surprised me with Hunter’s Pub and Hunter boots. I’ve wanted a pair for a while now, so they were a perfect gift.


I had an “Ah ha!” moment this winter, and decided I would take the Praxis in Secondary English. I guess that means I want to be an English teacher?! Anyway, I studied for about 9 weeks and found out last Friday that I passed!! I’ve never been so excited to pass a test. I may or may not have teared up, so that’s cool. This doesn’t mean that I am 100% on board to be a teacher, but it’s looking good. I can rally behind the idea… Maybe I’ve rallied so much that I now own a map of Shakepeare’s England and a huge photo of him. It’s whatever.


We celebrated our first anniversary this past Sunday. We treated ourselves to a night in Atlanta, a couples massage, good eating, and sleeping 11 hours Saturday night. Looking forward to year 2 with JRB! This view wasn’t too shabby, was it??


Josh finished his first school year at Point University. Graduation is Saturday, so he started his summer break off right by sleeping in this week. As for me, I’m still working until NEXT FRIDAY!!! This year has been wonderful, and I love my kindergartners, but holy moley! I could use summer break.