Grape Juice, Miller Mishaps

So… the last time I posted was New Year’s Eve. Whoopsies! To catch you up, I’ll share my favorites of this month/ things worthy of note. 

1. On New Year’s Eve, Josh and I went to the grocery store together to get all of the foods I’d need to cook on New Year’s Day. While there Josh decided he wanted Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice (the kind that looks like a champagne bottle), but we couldn’t find it! The only thing we could find was in the organic section. After a lot of convincing, JRB finally conceded to buy the organic sparkling grape juice, but he wasn’t happy about it. He was so unhappy that he said, “I just don’t like buying organic because then I feel like the hippies win.” I nearly lost it. 

Fast forward a couple of days, and we are once again at the grocery store. Good news! We found Welch’s Sparkling Grape Juice! When we got into the car, I figured we would at least make it home before popping it open. Nope. Josh and I proceeded to drive around LaGrange looking at houses (in the market to rent. fyi.) and drinking our grape juice from a champagne-looking bottle. I obviously sang “Ridin’ Dirty” on several occasions. 

2. On the topic of grape juice, Josh also made us buy grape juice and bread for Communion. We were obviously pulling for Notre Dame against Alabama in the National Championship game, but didn’t own any Fighting Irish clothes or paraphernalia, so we went with what we thought was the closest thing- Communion foods. I haven’t decided if that was offensive yet, but I told my Catholic friend, and she thought it was hilarious. So, I’ll go with funny, but maybe not do it again? 

3. January also has brought more wrestling matches and tournaments. Since Josh is a referee that means he’s been gone a lot more than I would like (but the check every other week is pretty nice!). That being said, Miler and I have had a lot of bonding time. Unfortunately, Miller hasn’t bonded so well with others in our apartment complex. 


Proof of our bonding: naps together. Proof Miller is spoiled: He is on the big couch. I am on the love seat.

You see, Miller loves to sit out on our porch and watch people (or survey his kingdom, whichever you prefer). The problem is, he thinks he’s outside so he thinks he can use the bathroom on our porch. Wouldn’t be that big of a deal if we weren’t on the THIRD FLOOR. So yes, his urine trickles down to our downstairs neighbors. We knew we had to get really serious about his potty habits on the deck when I heard our neighbor start screaming at Miller. He was peeing on our porch, and although nothing has been proven, I believe it was splattering on her. I felt ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. Josh and I baked them cookies, and profusely apologized immediately. Since then, we’ve been keeping a much closer watch over Miller while he surveys his kingdom.


Surveying his kingdom

4. On a less fun note, I’ve gotten sick. Last Friday I started feeling bad, and it just go worse. I went to the doctor on Sunday hoping to be better by the weekend, and that just wasn’t the case. I skipped out on my small group (which is a highlight of my week) because I felt so poorly. I honestly feel like a zombie just meandering around. So I went again to the doctor today, got some different medicine, and am hoping for a quick recovery!


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